ITFAQ Systems – Bringing you an innovative ordering system

In a recent article based on the hospitality industries’ difficulties, it highlighted how the staff population is close to retirement in Canada and the youth are not as interested in the hospitality industry as it is “physically difficult” as stated by Ms. Jobin, a hotel employee for 32 years. It is challenging to find committed employees in the hospitality industry, as the turnover is fairly high with a rate of approximately 25 – 30% per annum in the UAE. This high turnover brings about huge costs by having to hire and train new employees. Efficiency is lost and delivery time is delayed due to these factors.

Innovative technology has helped in bridging the gap between the hospitality management needs and the employment market availability by making processes that were difficult and long winding, a lot more efficient. Making use of technology is a must to keep up with the times in today’s age of things being done at high speed. The use of fax machines was a big game changer when it first came out, then email and these days the King is mobile devices (Phones & Tablets). This is just emphasizing the significance of communication as the technology for it, keeps improving. Communicating between staff and management is of utmost importance, and even more is the communication between staff and the guest. Streamlining the process between what a consumer wants and how the consumers receive the item or service, is what makes or breaks a business. Having a tool that you can customise to your business profile, integrate with your POS, run various marketing materials on and be available in multiple languages definitely assists in increasing revenue.

Within the hospitality industry, the standard paper menu has come to fade in its practicality and efficiency. Prices change often, the market changes often, menus need to be fluid and adaptable. Digital menus can adapt to price changes, decrease waiting time, display the latest marketable products and assist in the efficiency of the staff. Making use of an innovative ordering system creates windows of opportunity, the potential for your business to increase revenue and decrease costs.

ITFAQ Systems, exhibitor at HITEC Dubai 2018 designed a tool to simplify communication of a business and efficiently provide a service or product. A bar in Canada, had live music nights and as with any venue, when it’s busy, orders slow down and service lags. The solution was to digitise their menu and therefore make it available to more people, which in turn would increase orders and thus revenue. At the time, it was merely a simple digital menu, but that already showed the benefits of having a paperless ordering system. It opened windows of opportunity like the marketing tools, its adaptability to the market interest, cutting costs on printing, increasing efficiency in the bar by orders being faster and reaching the kitchen / bar staff quicker. This simple system went from being just a digital menu to an actual online ordering tool fully adapted to process online payments, and has been upgraded to accommodate a vast variety of industries such as airlines, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants etc. by integrating processes that are needed by the industry, into the system.