Sky Software will be showcasing its leading hospitality software solutions at HITEC 2018 in Dubai

Sky Software is proud to be a bronze sponsor of the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC®) this year, the world’s largest hospitality technology exposition and conference brand. HITEC Dubai 2018, co-produced by Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP®) and Naseba will feature 30+ speakers, 500+ hospitality stakeholders, and 50+ solution and service providers, which will be held from 5 – 6 December.

At the exhibition, sky software will be showcasing its leading software solutions and explaining how its customers are benefiting from them, as well as exhibit live software demos and presentations from its stand during the event.

Special focus will be given to three key systems, those are: Bayan Human Resources Management suite, JANA materials management system and Sky Horizon Quality and Guest Services management suite.

Bayan Human Resources Management had proven its success over the years in helping more than 75 five star hotels in the region to acquire full control over HR operations and provide the necessary tools and workflow standards to streamline all HR-related procedures; starting from employee  recruitment and hiring process, passing by employee profiles, attendance, vacations, training and ending with payroll calculations processes.

Bayan Human Resources Management has many success stories that have taken place at the most recognized and prestigious hotels, some of those are Four Seasons Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, Rotana Hotels, TIME Hotels, Millennium Hotels, Warwick Hotels and Resorts, Kempinski Hotels, Constance Hotels, and Resorts.

Sky Software will also share with you the advanced features in Jana Materials Management and its vital role in facilitating and automating the hotels’ purchasing, requisition, cost control, and inventory related transactions. JANA materials management is the latest state of art production with fully web-based and cloud-ready features succeeding the legacy FBM system that operated in most hotels in the area also developed and deployed in the past by sky software.

You can also learn more about Sky Horizon Quality & Guest Services Management, which will showcase its latest development news including the launch of the new generation fully web system and how the new release will include and extend all the current rich features of Horizon QMS legacy edition in addition to a dynamic structure of administrative units, centralized multi-property management, advanced user roles and escalation management and enhanced report writer capabilities with MySQL Database support (in addition to the current Microsoft SQL Server).

We are proud to be a sponsor of the world’s largest and oldest hospitality technology exposition and conference brand, and we hope to see you there.

Moving to a Single Customer View

In the sports and hospitality sector, data floods in from every source: ticketing, payment systems, food and beverage, loyalty and membership programmes, merchandise stores, online marketing tools, and access control systems. Stadiums and venues have a general idea of fan behaviour, but do they have a single customer view that unites all of these disparate databases together?

One problem with the proliferation of tech in the hospitality sector is that now there are lots of different software platforms, mobile apps, databases, and online tools being used, all collecting data. Much of this data may overlap, or not be able to be brought together to provide any meaningful insight.

Bring data together for a single customer view

One thing we’re talking to customers in the sector more and more about is how can you move to a single customer view.

No one company has the answer or the solution, but it’s about getting set up correctly in your systems and operations to enable a single customer view.

There are many benefits to moving to a more accurate single customer view of your fans – it helps with resourcing and planning for non-attendance at games, and it supports your loyalty programme initiatives, helping you to be more targeted in your customer outreach activities.

Retail is a sector that leads in terms of making use of the data it has about customers and bringing that data together to make more accurate business predictions. Are stadia also building fan personas, detailing the behaviours of different fan types and how to market to, and attract, those different categories?

And, are other hospitality venues, such as pubs and restaurants, being as tailored in their messaging to their audience’s demographic?

If we look at typical marketing for pub chains, it’s unlikely that it is tailored to specific buyer profiles, in the way that a supermarket has its different offerings such as the ‘value’ range, or ‘dine in for £10’ offers, or their ‘special’ ranges. These have all been designed with a specific buyer persona in mind, which has occurred as a result of developing a single customer view; looking at those buyer persona assumptions and aligning them with data coming from stores and loyalty programmes to deliver more targeted offers.

Knowing what to do with the data

One of the problems with achieving a single customer view is that, very often, businesses don’t know what they would do with the information once they get it.

If we could say to you, here is a list of your top 100 ticketing spenders – what would you do with that information? Do you have a marketing and loyalty plan in place to deal with that information?

Or, if we said, here is a list of people who only attend 5 games a year – what would you do with that data to drive loyalty and revenues?

This is often the problem; in some cases, venues and stadiums are collecting masses of data about their fans and analysing it, but haven’t yet considered what they should do with that data, or are just looking at headline figures, such as revenue spend at the end of a match day and comparing it to the same time last year. Instead, analytics need to be more intelligently applied, drilling down into different fan demographics to deliver highly tailored offers to fans, and to find out what works and doesn’t work when they do take action based on the data.

If you knew which fans only came to 5 games a year and you had the data collection capabilities in place to run an A/B test, then you could trial two different offers or approaches – may be looking at the impact of serving up offers through email or social media versus providing these fans with a discount voucher on the day for selected food and beverages when they attend the match.

Data collection through loyalty programmes

One reason why clubs can’t do this is

because they

don’t have a loyalty programme in place that can collect this data, which is where pre-pay loyalty cards are able to join up the gaps in our understanding about fans. If a fan buys a ticket and then pre-loads their loyalty card for spending on the day, using it to gain access to the stadium grounds, and then using the card for all purchases within the stadium, it’s very easy to get a single customer view of that fan; tracking everything from which kiosks they purchased from, what they purchased and when, and also to compare behavioural patterns occurring over different matches.

And, combined with Access Cards, loyalty programmes can deliver much more for stadiums. When a fan accesses a stadium using an Access Card (or ‘Fan Card’) which doubles up as his loyalty card for purchases, stadiums can track when the fan enters the stadium, how soon they make their first purchase and what they could do to encourage fans to enter the stadium earlier to make use of the wider hospitality options available and increase food and beverage spend. It joins up the picture that stadiums build about their fans, pulling data from when a fan enters the stadium, every interaction within the stadium walls, right through to their exit.

We’re working with stadiums, hospitality venues and pub chains to help them develop a more accurate ‘single view of the customer’ – through our smarter payment solutions, our holistic employee onboarding


workforce management platforms and through our loyalty programmes and business analytics tools. One solution can’t bring all of your data together, but working on adjusting your systems so that they are analytics-ready rather than being analytics-prohibitive, moves you closer to the single customer view that venues today are working to achieve.

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About Verteda

Our innovative cloud and on-premises IT solutions enable stadia and arena, entertainment venues, hotels and resorts, hospitality and food service to streamline operations and focus on costs: to increase workforce productivity, enhance guest satisfaction and maximise profitability in multiple areas of operations including: event diary management, complete food and beverage operational management, point-of-sale (static, mobile, online), payments (cashless, contactless, online, queue busting), reservations, inventory and procurement, stock control, business intelligence and real-time reporting. Verteda is headquartered in the UK, with operations around the world and is an MPower MSL Company, focused on developing loyal communities for Sports, Leisure & Hospitality businesses. Verteda works with over 2000 clients across 20+ countries, serving over 50% of the English Premier League and supplying to all major UK arenas. With newly opened operations in the Middle East and a number of high-profile clients in the region, Verteda is the sports and hospitality industry’s leading technology partner.


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VTECH reseller Orbiss wins leading prestigious hotel business

Gleneagles, one of the world’s most renowned hotels has selected VTech’s Contemporary Cordless and Corded phones for its 232 luxury bedrooms, suites, and lodges. Gleneagles commissioned telecom supplier and hotels specialist Orbiss of Truro to supply a choice of stylish and functional handsets that blended in with their mixture of modern and traditional guestroom interiors.

The challenge set by Gleneagles apart from style and reliability was the requirement to integrate with their existing telecoms infrastructure and a desire to enhance the guest experience with instant contact to key facilities, including golf, concierge, sports arena and the award-winning spa.

VTech’s Hotel and Hospitality range of Analogue and SIP, Corded and Cordless handsets in both Classic and Contemporary styles, with a choice of subtle colours, line cords, speed dial options, and extended guarantees were identified by Orbiss as meeting Gleneagles requirements. The next step was to choose a suitable mixture of the phones to enable freedom and functionality in each room.

After a comprehensive fact find by Sam Hallworth of Orbiss (and no small number of miles), Gleneagles chose both the A2211 Petite Phone and the CTM-A2411 DECT Cordless Phone in matt black from the VTech Contemporary range. In total, a mixture of over 700 VTech phones were installed by Orbiss.

The Petite Phone and the DECT Cordless Base were supplied with 10 speed-dial buttons and all phones have faceplates branded in the Gleneagles style with icons to identify the various one-touch memory button options. The DECT Cordless has 2 handset speed-dials and lays flat on the base station offering a sleek, unobtrusive design that doesn’t overwhelm its luxurious surroundings.

Karen Paterson, Managing Director at Orbiss added “We are honoured to work with such a prestigious customer as Gleneagles. VTech offers a stylish, functional and robust range of hotel phones with several bespoke options and excellent support from Roy Stephenson at Trust Distribution. We look forward to many more opportunities with an exciting range that enhances our portfolio of hotel and hospitality solutions”.

Charles Williams, VTech’s Sales Director, EMEA and India for SIP Business and Hospitality Products said “This is a terrific customer win for our partner Orbiss and we are proud to have played a key part in this deal. It demonstrates how resellers can draw on our strengths and the flexibility of products to win new business and respond to their customers’ needs in the hotel and hospitality industry”.

About VTech
VTech is the world’s largest manufacturer of cordless telephones and the global leader of electronic learning products from infancy to preschool. It also provides highly sought-after contract manufacturing services. Founded in 1976, VTech’s mission is to design, manufacture and supply innovative and high-quality products in a manner that minimises any impact on the environment, while creating sustainable value for its stakeholders and the community.

VTech Hospitality leverages the Group’s 25 years of experience and expertise in consumer telephony to develop innovative communication solutions customised specifically for hotels, resorts and conference centres. VTech delivers scalable phone systems that can be optimized for a variety of different business models, property configurations and hotel guest needs.

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