IQware: Time for a Change

Since switching over to IQware’s Global Property Management System, the Riveredge Resort is saving time and increasing revenue with a streamlined program that optimizes the guest experience.

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. —  The Riveredge Resort in Alexandria Bay, N.Y., prides itself on its historic charm. Located on the St. Lawrence Seaway in the heart of the Thousand Islands, the Riveredge Resort shares the neighborhood with historic Boldt Castle, museums and historic villages.

While there’s no way to truly turn back time, the Riveredge Resort has found a way to recapture what was once lost time with the help of IQware’s Global Property Management System (PMS).

“The IQware system has helped streamline our operations, making reservations faster, quicker and easier,” says Christine Penrose, General Manager for the Riveredge. “What were once 20 minute phone calls have been cut down to 5 minutes. And the online system is amazing. We had to manually add rooms sold to our inventory before, but it is now done automatically. It really expedites the process for guests, staff and management.”

Designed to link all your revenue and operational applications to the heart of your hotel, the IQware PMS ensures efficiency, productivity, profitability and, most important, guest satisfaction. IQware excels at building relationships and delivering dependable, fully integrated and perfectly-suited solutions to its ever growing client base.

Beyond its collection of feature-rich hospitality management applications, IQware becomes a true partner in technology with its customers, offering ongoing customized training, user-driven technology development, 24×7 support and lifetime upgrades.

“There is no cookie-cutter PMS that is going to work right for every hotel property out there,” says David Perkins, President of Deerfield Beach-based IQware. “That is why IQware is designed for complete customization and unlimited flexibility to meet each of our customers’ unique needs. Our software, built upon a series of integrated modules and superior technology, was designed to address every facet of your business, with a singular focus on ultimately improving your bottom line.”

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The Riveredge Resort has been working with IQware since November 2009. Having just completed its first busy summer season with IQware, Penrose says the system made a huge difference in helping manage the operations of its marina. The Riveredge offers over 2,000 feet of prime dock space with power, water and cable TV hook-ups on the St. Lawrence River.

“We were never able to do reservations for our docks along with our guestrooms before. They always had to be handled separately,” says Penrose. “With IQware, we were able to bundle all those reservations together. It streamlines the process and is another time-saver for our staff. It’s made things a lot easier this past summer.”

Likewise, IQware helped integrate operations for the hotel and the on-property restaurant, giving guests the ability to charge their meals directly to their rooms.

“Built from the ground up specifically for hoteliers, IQware products were built to be modular and fully integrated from inception,” says John G. Denver, Vice President, Business Development for IQware. “IQware’s Global PMS handles everything, including front desk operations, sales and marketing, and even housekeeping assignments. IQware PMS will manage special offers, gift certificates and travel agent commissions. It even works for extended stay or timeshare management. No matter how large or small the property, there is a solution for every need.”

IQware’s powerful solution includes interfaces to over 500 products to ensure your peripheral products speak directly to the PMS solution to save time and offer a better guest experience.

  • Back Office Exports
  • Call Accounting charges
  • Credit Card Authorizations
  • Direct Connect Online Bookings from Web Site
  • Direct Deposits
  • Electronic Key creation
  • Energy Management
  • In-Room Interactive system management
  • In-Room Minibar
  • In-Room Safe
  • Internet Billing System
  • PBX (Room Status, Voicemail, Maid Status, Wake-up Calls)
  • POS account charging
  • Sales & Catering
  • Voice Mail
  • 1099, 1098 and 1042 Documents
  • 2 Way GDS/IDS Connectivity

Robust Reporting

IQware delivers a robust reporting package, providing meaningful statistical data on profitability, capacity and other critical performance benchmarks.

“The information available is unbelievable,” says Penrose. “With a couple of clicks on the computer screen, we get a complete map view of the entire hotel, and can immediately see all occupied and unoccupied rooms. We can even get an overview of the marina.”

This map view is part of IQware’s Visual Room Chart, a multi-functional graphical calendar that visually displays the days of the month, room occupancy status, reservations, color coding, links to features, housekeeping status, applications and detailed information. This program gives the front desk another efficient method of creating reservations and processing walk-ins.

“The detailed occupancy reports, forecast reports, and more from IQware are phenomenal,” says Tina Rogers, Room Operations Manager for Riveredge. “It allows us to get a complete picture of our operations, and makes it simpler to make necessary changes. We can easily lower or increase our rates when we need to based on the available data, helping increase our RevPar.”

Rogers also says that all the information collected easily integrates from the front desk to the sales and marketing team, eliminating the need to upload guest information into two separate systems. The guest history is the optimum marketing tool for hoteliers who wish to analyze and develop their repeat business not only through reports, but also through valuable on-line statistical information, mailing facilities and guest loyalty programs.

Customer Service

Finally, IQware rounds out its program with distinctive and responsive 24/7 support, software upgrades and personalized training.

“The switch over to IQware was very smooth,” says Penrose. “Their staff stayed on site for a two-week training program, giving everybody the chance to learn the system’s capabilities. Even new employees we add are able to learn the system quickly and easily.”

For any issues that may “come up” post install, IQware provides 24×7 Support via phone, email and a web based helpdesk. Also available to IQware customers is IQuniversity. This distinct module is a robust online training solution designed to allow your new and existing staff members to have customized training at their fingertips. Through an online tutorial that gives you access to controlled lessons and training agendas, you can ensure that your staff is maximizing your investment by being fully trained. In addition to the tutorials, IQware offers weekly live sessions with an expert trainer to cover advanced topics. IQuniversity will allow you to make certain that you’re using all of IQware’s modules and features to their full potential.

“Their customer service is very speedy,” says Rogers. “They are always working with us whenever we come up with a new need. There are even things now that they are developing solutions for.  It’s an ongoing relationship. The service doesn’t stop after the system is installed.”

“Our growing family of customers benefit from our rigorous testing practices and unwavering commitment to customer excellence and continuous improvement,” says IQware’s Perkins. “Our help desk is here to assist customers and contribute as much as possible to their day-in/day-out success. If an issue arises in day-to-day operations, or a new need is identified, IQware’s easily accessible and thoroughly knowledgeable support team immediately begins working toward a solution.”

About IQware

Deerfield Beach, Fla.-based IQware has been “Helping Hospitality Partner With IntelligenceSM” for 25 years. Today, more than 5,000 end users utilize IQware software to help best market and manage more than 120,000 rooms generating more than $3.5 billion in gross room revenue. IQware brings with it more than 300 years of combined experience managing hospitality properties and developing and supporting related software. “Built By Hoteliers For Hoteliers,” IQware’s Global Property Management System and more than two dozen add-on modules optimize operations at properties of all types − limited- and full-service hotels, resorts, condo-hotels and timeshares — and all sizes — from regional hotel chains to multi-property management companies to small independents IQware is Your Single-Source Technology Partner through ongoing customized training, user-driven technology development, 24×7 support and lifetime software upgrades. Looking for a competitive edge? Look no further. IQware “Helps Hospitality Better Find, Book, Host, Know & Keep Clients.” IQware solutions offer numerous ROI-generating tools including e-marketing, four-tier yield management, Web-Rez, packages, loyalty points, etc.  Because IQware’s Global Property Management System has served as the heart of so many hotel operations for a quarter century, today IQware also can provide the lifeblood for Condo Management, Point Of Sale, Sales & Catering, Online Reservations, Spa Management, Marina Management, Central Reservations System and e-CRM electronic (Customer Relationship Management). IQware takes technology partnering to a new level − just ask our ever-expanding family of clients conducting business in two dozen countries. For more information, visit or call (877) 698-5151.

Hand in Glove: IQware Perfect PMS Fit For Myrtle Beach Condo

IQware’s Global Property Management System handles everything a condo homeowner expects, so Myrtle Beach National’s 11 condo resorts comprising more than 4,600 managed units can stay focused on building their business.

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLA. —Four years ago, Myrtle Beach National started out with IQware’s Property Management System, implementing six condominium resort properties. Today, the hospitality leader is preparing to launch its 11th property using IQware’s Global PMS.

“Back then, we spent a lot of time looking at the various packages in the marketplace — and we decided on IQware,” says Ric Coates, Director of Revenue Management for Myrtle Beach, S.C.- based Myrtle Beach National. “We needed to move to a system that would let us both scale our operations on an enterprise-wide basis and continually advance to the next level. IQware was absolutely the right decision for us.”

“We’re extremely pleased with Myrtle Beach National’s success using IQware,” adds David Perkins, President of Deerfield Beach-based IQware. “Our mission is to partner with our customers with the single-minded focus of doing everything we can to improve their bottom lines by constantly designing and implementing visionary solutions to meet their specific needs.”

Coates says a major reason Myrtle Beach National selected the IQware Global PMS was because it represents homeowners’ needs the best.

“We’re essentially a 100% condo homeowner operation. Our 11 managed properties comprise 4,654 units,” Coates notes. “About 95% of these represent the typical condo rental scenario, and IQware’s Global PMS does a great job handling the requirements for managing them.”

Gold Mining Made Easy

“The Myrtle Beach market is unique in the number of management companies serving the marketplace. To be competitive, you have to do it right and you absolutely have to meet the needs of the condo owners”, according to Coates.

“This is where IQware shines”, points out Perkins. “More than 100 condo properties use IQware’s Global PMS software. It offers the features and built-in functionality to help operators with a variety of issues, including room rotation and balancing room revenue among unit owners.”

“IQware integrates condo ownership, owners’ fulfillment and property-management applications in a unified whole,” said Perkins. “It offers a unique set of standardized, industry-specific tools that let condominium properties excel at what they do.”

“I have used many property management systems over the course of my career, and I have to admit that IQware is by far the best,” concludes Coates.

With the IQware Global PMS, Coates says properties can focus on excelling at meeting the needs of their condo owners while IQware takes care of all of the details.

“IQware is a gold mine of functionality,” Coates adds.

Putting Heads in Beds — Profitably

“With the huge variety of properties in the Myrtle Beach marketplace, it’s all about putting heads in beds — whether you are a condo owner, a property manager or a resort operator,” says Perkins. “IQware gives customers the functionality they require to meet the needs of the ever- changing condo-hotel/resort business, both in good and turbulent times.”

Myrtle Beach National is far from alone in its selection of the IQware Global PMS. In fact, multiple other hospitality companies in and around Myrtle Beach also use IQware.

“Because we have so many users in the Myrtle Beach marketplace, we can pool our knowledge and experiences and combine that with the attentive support help we get from IQware when needed,” Coates says.

“IQware continues to modify and update its technology on a regular schedule, and we enjoy the benefits of this constant reinvestment,” say Coates. “IQware’s regular software updates enhance  our operations. In a number of cases, I’ve been surprised at how useful some of the software additions proved to be for our bottom line. Many of these additions are based on the recommendations of us and other users.”

“Because IQware is tested and so widely used, there is very little need for significant customization. The system truly stands in a class of its own when it comes to capturing, disseminating and delivering real-time business intelligence”, according to Coates.

“IQware does a solid job of reporting the information we need on a daily basis,” Coates says. “It’s routine to get exactly what we need, when we need it, which is great for unit and property efficiency and profitability.”

A Partnership That Benefits All

“The great thing about IQware is that we have a true partnership with them,” Coates continues. “Quite honestly, IQware has been great to deal with. Whenever we’ve had an issue, it’s always been straightforward to work through the process of getting it resolved.”

Perkins emphasizes that everyone at IQware is committed to partnering with each customer. “Our people are really good about chasing down issues. They really strive to do a great job on interacting with our customers to get things resolved quickly and precisely.”

“IQware’s responsiveness lets us operate with a leaner staff than we could otherwise,” adds Coates. “This is key, especially today.”

Coates also finds that the system lets him be more efficient at doing his job.

“Since each property has its own database, it’s a simple matter of me logging in remotely to each of the servers and run the reports I need to do the monthly accounting roll-up,” Coates says. “This is very important to me because we have so many properties. And IQware is working with us to further automate some of the steps in this process, so these efficiencies will only expand exponentially.”

“We’re working on implementing the booking engine to streamline our processes even more,” Coats adds. “We’re also looking at a direct connect interface between IQware and our Web site so we can act on opportunities more quickly. We don’t want to miss opportunities in the marketplace, and IQware gives us that critical edge — the ability to be more responsive than our competitors.”

To underscore the effectiveness of the partnership with IQware, Coates points out that the firm’s 11th implementation of IQware, at the North Beach Plantation property opening this month, already is completed and fully operational.

“We view IQware as true partners in our business venture,” Coates concludes. “We speak to them regularly and they work with us on an ongoing basis to help grow our business. It is truly a great relationship.”

About Myrtle Beach National Company/Brittain Resort Management

The Myrtle Beach National Company has evolved into one of the leading golf course owner and management operations in the Southeast, featuring many of the most well respected signature courses along the Grand Strand. The company formed in 1971 and operates ten golf courses and has interest in three resorts and three rental companies. For more information about Myrtle Beach National Company, visit Brittain Resort Management is a full service property and rental management company located on the Grand Strand of South Carolina. For three generations, Brittain Resort Management has been a constant fixture in the oceanfront landscape of Myrtle Beach: building, overseeing, and managing some the area’s best known vacation and golf resorts. One generation after the next, we make it our business to make your property work hard so you don’t have to. Currently Brittain Resort Management is involved in the management and operation of eleven resorts. For more information about Brittain Resort Management, visit

About IQware

Deerfield Beach, Fla.-based IQware has been “Helping Hospitality Partner With IntelligenceSM” for 25 years. Today, more than 5,000 end users utilize IQware software to help best market and manage more than 100,000 rooms generating more than $3 billion in gross room revenue. IQware brings with it more than 300 years of combined experience managing hospitality properties and developing and supporting related software. “Built By Hoteliers For Hoteliers,” IQware’s Global Property Management System and more than two dozen add-on modules optimize operations at properties of all types − limited- and full-service hotels, resorts, condo-hotels and timeshares − and all sizes − from regional hotel chains to multi-property management companies to small independents IQware is Your Single-Source Technology Partner through ongoing customized training, user-driven technology development, 24×7 support and lifetime software upgrades. Looking for a competitive edge? Look no further.

IQware “Helps Hospitality Better Find, Book, Host, Know & Keep Clients.” IQware solutions offer numerous ROI-generating tools including e-marketing, four-tier yield management, Web- Rez, packages, loyalty points, IQDestinations and IQLink — which pushes your existing PMS inventory directly to the most effective and profitable Intranet, GDS and Extranet channels.. And because IQware’s Global Property Management System has served as the heart of so many hotel operations for a quarter century, today IQware also can provide the lifeblood for Condo Management, Point Of Sale, Sales & Catering, Online Reservations, Spa Management, Marina Management, Central Reservations System and e-CRM electronic (Customer Relationship Management). IQware takes technology partnering to a new level − just ask our ever-expanding family of clients conducting business in two dozen countries. For more information, visit or call (877) 698-5151.

Interview with a speaker: Marloes Knippenberg

The HITEC Dubai team sat down with HITEC Dubai speaker, Marloes Knippenberg, Chief Executive Officer, Kerten Hospitality to discuss the pain point of the regional hospitality landscape, why it is important to stay up-yo-date with the latest technologies and what people can expect from attending HITEC Dubai this year.

Can you tell us more about what HITEC attendees can expect from attending HITEC Dubai?

I believe that attendees will learn a lot by attending HITEC – the technology sector is one that is developing very quickly, and the industry can only progress by discussing best practice. It’s also a great place to network and meet peers.

What do you think are the main pain points of regional hospitality industry?

In the region, I think the challenges are related to guest identity. We can aspire to the airline industry’s innovation around check-in, and how it manages guest expectations related to wanting to be more mobile and digital. Currently in the Middle East, the restrictions we face when it comes to check-in requires more manual processes. If we could figure out a way to overcome these challenges and validate guest identities, then we would be able to offer a much more seamless experience.

Why do you believe that keeping up-to-date in the latest technology is so important in this industry?

It’s important to the extent that technology is designed with the intent to deliver upon our vision. When it comes to Kerten Hospitality, first and foremost we are a hospitality company, so we have to deliver a hospitable experience and those experiences come from human to human interaction. It’s not necessarily that technology by itself is the foundation of what’s going to drive guests into our businesses but it’s the technology that we use to deliver the hospitality that will bring them into our doors.

In what ways does the hospitality industry in Dubai embrace technology? What are some examples of emerging technologies, and what impact do they have—or what roles do they play—for your company?

Dubai is a hub of innovation; the city is very welcoming of new technology and new innovation. It’s a great place to foster new ideas and accelerate implementing innovation. There’s a big ecosystem of incubators of startups and accelerators that do specifically want to tackle the challenges of the hospitality industry.

What are some current industry trends taking place in Dubai today?

The availability of technology in the hospitality industry is allowing boutique and niche brand operators, quite specifically, to serve their guests better. The hospitality sector is currently grappling with the issue of saving costs; however, the use of technology such as artificial intelligence fits into this movement and can help streamline processes, provide valuable insights into the needs and wants of guests, and optimize experiences.

What are some issues that you have encountered in the industry, and what are examples of real-world strategies you would implement to resolve these issues?

Data and systems are the main global issues. The industry as a whole has old fashioned systems that need to be enhanced to put data and functionality first. We have closed proprietary systems so the challenge in the hospitality industry is legacy and the cost of change. We are not one of the industries that can just replace or overhaul legacy systems every 10 years. Our challenge is that we have very old systems and we don’t have the money to rip them out and replace them.

Hoteza Hospitality Software

Hoteza is the most intuitive and flexible information, communication and entertainment system in hospitality industry and include such products as Hoteza IPTV, Hoteza HotPad, Hoteza Mobile, Hoteza HSIA and Hoteza HotSign.

Hoteza system enables to increase hotel guest loyalty and significantly simplifies work of Marketing and IT departments all Hoteza products have a single cloud-based back-end and seamlessly integrated with all major PMS, GRMS and POS systems. Important advantage of Hoteza products is 24/7 cloud-base monitoring system that allows to provide the highest level of service.

More than 200 hotels around the globe are Hoteza customers. The portfolio includes hotels operated by Kempinski, Marriott, Radisson, Accor, Hilton, IHG, Wyndham, Corinthia, Rocco Forte, MGM, Hard Rock, Wanda and other international hotel chains.

AirStream by Hoteza: the ultimate mirroring and streaming experience for hotel needs

Your hotel guests want to feel at home and be able to enjoy and easily share content from their devices with the hotel room TV. Hoteza AirStream solution allows your guests to wirelessly share content from their Apple or Android devices just in few steps.

No more cables and hardware behind the TV. We adapted AirPlay and Google Chromecast to the hotel specific needs, so that there’s no need to install any dongles in every room. Just install as many as you need in the server room and let your guests enjoy mirroring their own contents.

Media One Hotel became the first hotel in Dubai to launch Hoteza solutions

Hoteza TV and Hoteza HotSign deployed at Media One Hotel in Dubai

Known for its up to date follow of the trends and innovations, sleek and trendy, the Media One Hotel became the first hotel in Dubai to launch Hoteza solutions. The hotel is located in the vibrant Media City district, close to Emirates Golf Club and Dubai Marina. The Media One Hotel takes comfort to a new level by offering wide variety of services that would satisfy the needs of any type of travellers.

Now all 260 striking rooms of the Media One Hotel, besides boasting fantastic views of the Gulf or Dubai’s incomparable skyline, are ready to please its visitors with Hoteza TV solution that offers a seamless mirroring of guests own content as well as many numerous interactive features. On top of that 21 digital screens in public areas have been engined by feature-rich Hoteza HotSign system empowering the hotel to promote its facilities and services.

MediaOne Hotel Hoteza

“At Media One we are always looking to find technology which really excites our guests and gives them the best possible stay. We were very happy to work with Hoteza for their in room IPTV system which gives us huge flexibility to give the guest an exciting, tailored experience. As a marketing director it also give me flexibility to give tailored marketing to our guests. It’s also very easy to use and update for my team,” says Caroline Rowe, Director of Marketing & Communications at Media One Hotel.

MPower MSL further expands their reach into the Middle East with a new hire and office in Dubai.

Brisbane, Australia, 12th June 2018 – Global market leader and technology solutions provider to the sports, leisure & hospitality industry, MPower MSL, is expanding their overseas presence with a new hire and office in the Middle East.

Toni Mathew has joined MPower MSL’s subsidiary Verteda, and will be heading up client relationships across the region. Toni brings with him over 15 years’ experience in the hospitality tech industry, of which 10 years has been spent focused on the Middle East.

Verteda Sales Director, Matthew Prosser, said, “We’re delighted that Toni has joined the team. His credentials and experience delivering innovative tech solutions to the hospitality sector across the Middle East will support existing and new clients in the region, as we expand our customer base globally.”

MPower MSL is a leading technology provider to more than 2000 clients in over 20 countries. MPower MSL specialises in activating fan engagement for sport, leisure & hospitality venues through focusing on harnessing data trends from customer interactions and rewarding loyalty.  Verteda (UK subsidiary) lead the way in the Europe, Middle-East & Africa region with an iconic customer base including 60% of English Premier League Venues, geographically positioning the subsidiary to best spear head growth in the Middle East.

Toni Mathew, who joined the Verteda team in April 2018 said, “Regional reform initiatives will continue to support non-oil activity and pave the way for economic growth across the Middle East. Key infrastructure investments, such as Expo 2020 and the World Cup in 2022 will provide substantial economic growth for the region. MSL’s global success in delivering integrated solutions and analytics technology to the world’s biggest venues positions the Dubai office to further enhance Middle East client relations.”

MPower MSL are thrilled to have a base in Dubai. Matthew Prosser commented, “Dubai is becoming a centre for leading hospitality venues and with tourism on the increase combined with a number of high-profile events on the horizon, commencing operations cements our position as a leading tech provider to hospitality venues in the region.”

Craig Kinross Managing Director and CEO of MPower MSL said, “The opening of our Dubai office, led by our UK team, is an important milestone toward achievement of the MPower MSL growth objectives.  With our continued growth in the Middle East, including recent wins, we felt that we needed to invest in our client relationships locally and create a physical presence on the ground.  We are excited by the growing pipeline of opportunities in the region.”

Verteda PR picture

For additional media information regarding MPower MSL:

Alexander Campbell
Marketing Specialist
MPower MSL

For additional sales information regarding Verteda:

About MPower MSL
MSL Solutions Limited (ASX: MPW) is an Australian based global provider of hosted software as a service (SaaS) and on-site deployed solutions to clients in the sport, leisure and hospitality sector. MSL services member organisations across APAC, EMEA and North America through its MPower Platform.  MSL has a head office in Brisbane and offices in Sydney, Melbourne, UK and Denmark.

Learn more about MPower MSL:

About Verteda
Verteda is an MPower MSL company. When stadia and entertainment venues, hotels and resorts, and hospitality and foodservice operators want to deliver an exceptional guest experience, optimise operations, cut costs and generate more revenue, they turn to Verteda.

Find out more about Verteda online at

Jana Materials Management’s latest projects

Sky Software is pleased to announce the success of recent major key JANA Materials Management projects in the area. Some of those projects are new JANA project implementations at new 5 star hotel openings and others are migrations from the legacy FBM desktop system at prestigious hotels in the region. Some of those distinguished projects took place at Al Keswah Towers Hotel, Centro Salama, Al Marwa Rayhaan by Rotana, Rosh Rayhaan by Rotana, and Centro Shaheen in KSA, Majestic Arjaan by Rotana and Downtown Rotana Hotels in Bahrain, Holiday International, Marbella Resort, Yas Island Rotana, Centro Yas Island, Park Arjaan by Rotana, Towers Rotana, Pearl Rotana Capital Centre, Al Bandar Rotana, Beach Rotana, Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana, Saadiyat Rotana and Amwaj Rotana Hotels in UAE, Karbala Rayhaan By Rotana in Iraq, Oryx Rotana, Centro Capital Doha By Rotana and City Centre By Rotana in Qatar, Salalah Rotana Resort in Oman, Al Salam Rotana in Sudan, Raouche Arjaan By Rotana and Gefinor Rotana in Lebanon, Westside Centro & Arjaan Westside Rotana and Burgu & Tango Arjaan Rotana in Turkey and The Farmington Hotel in Liberia.

The hotels have successfully benefited from Jana’s flexible, accurate and advanced web advanced structure and system features, reports and interfaces, while having an enhanced advanced approach control over the materials purchasing and requisition cycles and quotations allocation, with the ability to create, import and export quotations from/to Jana. Inventory procedures became easier to manage with more time-saving according to what Jana provides in its inventory exception modes and the flexibility it proves in creating, assigning and re-assigning both; spot checks and inventory checks. Moreover, the detailed and summarized reports in Jana have played a vital role in providing accurate and organized data overview for different transactions and procedures. Some examples of such reports are: Daily Reconciliation Report, which provides detailed overview for the hotels’ daily reconciliations transactions, and ABC Analysis, which helps measure consumption for several categories in an efficiently and accurate matter.

TIME Hotels select Sky Software Solutions

Sky Software is glad to share with you the successful installation of its Bayan Human Resources Management System and Sky Jana Materials Management system at Time Hotels. The project constitute of one centralized database hosted at Azure cloud platform and services with multi property structure covering all UAE Time properties including TIME Oak hotel & suites, TIME Grand Plaza hotel, TIME Topaz Hotel Apartments, TIME Ruby Hotel Apartments, TIME Crystal Hotel Apartments, TIME Facilities Management and O’Leary’s Restaurant.

The advanced features, reports and interfaces in Bayan HRMS have immediately proved its advanced capability of handling all HR related procedures automatically and efficiently. This included employee profiles and official documents and employee attendance control through the advanced Timekeeping interface with Nitgen Access Manager Fingerprint devices. In addition, Bayan Payroll has enabled TIME hotels of performing payroll calculations accurately through its advanced comprehensive procedures and rules. Bayan Workflow Management system has also provided an optimal and automatic tool to track and approve all employee requests, including vacation requests, change of status, new hire, loans, salary advance and much more.

Jana on the other hand has provided TIME Hotels with a solid base to manage their purchasing and requisition transfers, cost control, recipes and inventory through its flexible, accurate and advanced web features, reports and interfaces, while successfully activating SUN Back Office interface to import invoices, consumptions, inventory vouchers and daily revenue automatically.

Sky Software Grand Project at Constance Hotels & Resorts – Case Study


Constance Hotels & Resorts is a collection of luxury five-star hotels distributed in the Indian Ocean in Mauritius, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Madagascar and Zanzibar.

The prestigious group was looking for an advanced integrated solution that enables them of having a total control over their all human resources related tasks and procedures, starting from the employee hiring/recruitment, passing by employee profiles, attendance, vacations, training and ending with payroll calculations.

A paperless online workflow working environment was also needed to manage all employee self-service private operations based on online vacation balances that are being updated at all times with retroactive increase calculations that would be handled automatically by a professional Human Resources Management System (HRMS) without the need to use external spreadsheets that would require human intervention and continuous auditing efforts, which should only lead to errors and out-of-date records most of the time in addition to the extra effort and double-work required by the HR staff themselves.

The Solution

Following a series of meetings and demonstrations on Bayan Human Resources Management system with Constance head office to ensure the level of compliance of the system with the current and future demands and requirements of the leading hotel management company, Sky Software was given the green light to implement Bayan HRMS application and databases at the centralized datacenter located in Mauritius for Constance Hotels & Resorts with high-speed VPN connections across remote sites in Maldives and Seychelles, during which a grand development plan was devised to apply the specific legal and labor laws of Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles in addition to the specific Constance hotels processes and procedures in Bayan HRMS.

Successful installations for Bayan HRMS then took a place at Constance Hospitality Management Ltd (Head Office), Maurice Constance Belle Mare Plage, Constance Prince Maurice and Constance C Palmar Resorts in Mauritius and Constance Moofushi and Constance Halaveli Resorts in Maldives and Constance Ephelia and Constance Lemuria Praslin Resorts in Seychelles.

At each hotel, Bayan HRMS has successfully provided a solid base, professional workflow standard and paperless environment for all HR-related tasks and procedures. This included employee profiles and official documents, attendance and vacation records and payroll calculations, while benefiting from the corporate Web accounting system interface, which has been activated for ledger integration including payroll, vacations and ticket accrual figures.


New Overtime setup were developed to meet Constance Overtime rules and policies; this included customizing Over Time rules for working in weekends and public holidays, special rules were also set on department and occupation. As a result, Constance hotels can now calculate employees’ overtime automatically using their own rules.

Bus Fare Refund was another setup that developed to allow the bus allowance calculations for employees with early arrival (earlier than the bus time) and employee late departures (after the bus leaves).

On the other hand, special income tax and social security reports were customized to meet each country’s specific laws and policies.

Back office interface was also implemented to enable the automatic import of payroll, vacation accruals and statistical vouchers, whereas the banks interface was activated to facilitate the banking transactions.


The efficiency, accuracy and advanced features of the new system have made an immediate impact that was observed by the HR departments at all the hotels, were all employee related procedures became much easier to handle.

“Thank you for your professionalism and your passion. You are a great ambassador of your company and it has been a true pleasure working with you and learning how to use this great new tool. I have no doubt that Bayan will create a real difference for us.” 

–Bruno  Le Gac, General Manager at Constance Lemuria