Intelity x KEYPR Meet Guests’ Mobile Demands

The good news for hoteliers is that soon-to-be combined companies Intelity X KEYPR can equip properties with up to 75% of the mobile functions guests want today, and even more will be available in the future.

Study shows despite guests ongoing requests for more mobile engagement, few hotels are offering functionality everywhere guests want it;
Intelity X KEYPR can help

According to Hospitality Technology’s 2018 Customer Engagement Technology Study, hotels are slow to adopt the mobile functionality guests want. Over 40% of those surveyed want to do one or more of the following: use their smartphones and tablets to manage reservations, control the guest room environment, check in/out, request services, order room service, unlock their rooms, and more. However, fewer than half of all hotels currently offer a majority of these mobile features. According to the study, of the 24 mobile features guests want, only 3 are widely available (room reservations, loyalty program management and on-property events).


The good news for hoteliers is that soon-to-be combined companies Intelity X KEYPR can equip properties with up to 75% of the mobile functions guests want today, and even more will be available in the future.

“Since Intelity’s inception back in 2008, I have been amazed to witness firsthand the development in the hospitality technology space. Technology is truly disrupting the industry and mobile applications in particular are redefining how services are delivered,” said David Adelson, Intelity President and CEO.

The study released last week shows that hotels are realizing the importance of adding mobile technology to all areas that touch the guest. Further findings revealed significant increases since 2017 in enablement of mobile check-in/out and room controls. The ability to bypass the front desk by activating a mobile key went up from 16% in 2017 to 35% today.

Merger = More

Upon completion of its merger with KEYPR, Intelity will offer the broadest, most complete guest service and in-room technology platformavailable on mobile, tablet, TV, chat, voice, back-office, CMS, mobile key, and more. The combined platform will provide hotels with 20 out of the 24 mobile functions that travelers said they want in the 2018 CETS, including:

  1. Room reservations
  2. Loyalty program management
  3. Calendar of events
  4. Mobile check-in/out (with enhanced PMS integration)
  5. Search for hotels with location-based technology
  6. View property maps
  7. Take a consumer satisfaction survey
  8. Integration of mobile device and in-room TV
  9. Mobile room key
  10. Read/post reviews
  11. Request service
  12. Order room service (with enhanced POS integration)
  13. Retrieve bill (with enhanced PMS integration)
  14. Ability to change and manage reservation
  15. Purchase services
  16. Receive/redeem coupons
  17. Schedule wake-up calls
  18. Control guest room
  19. Access social media
  20. Ability to order/request services w/ voice control


Demand for smart technology continues to grow. The capability to control guestroom TVs from mobile phones is up 22% over last year, and the ability to purchase hotel services such as spa, golf, etc. is up 22% as well; using a smartphone as a guest room key and ordering room service via a mobile device are both increased this year to 19%; and scheduling wake-up calls via mobile rose to 16%.

“In the last year, hotels have made strides toward meeting guests’ mobile demands,” said KEYPR CEO Robert Stevenson. “This is good news, but as an industry we can do better. To deliver the most mobile services in ways guests are expecting takes choice, speed, convenience, empowerment, and ultimately value. It takes the Intelity X KEYPR platform.”

About Intelity

Intelity, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, is the creator of the world’s first and most widely used integrated guest services platform, ICE (Interactive Customer Experience™). With certified integrations to all major hotel back-end management systems (POS, PMS, Ticketing, Spa and Room Controls), Intelity’s ICE is a centralized property-automation system that delivers concierge-level services, guest request tracking and fulfillment, business-intelligence analytics, marketing/messaging capabilities, and a full content management system. Since beginning operations in 2007, the Inc. 5000 company has gained a reputation as a leader in hospitality technology with installations across six continents, including most major brands and many celebrated independent properties. Intelity recently received designation as the “Official Mobile and In-room Technology Provider” of the Forbes Travel Guide. For more information, please call 1-888-738-7271 or visit


KEYPR® is the broadest cloud-based guest experience and management platform for hotels, casinos and luxury residences. The platform delivers a personalized, friction-free guest experience, while creating new operational efficiencies and driving additional revenue opportunities for property owners and operators. Guests can access a directory of services, including dining, entertainment, third-party content and more through an in-room tablet and custom mobile app. The app also allows guests to bypass the front desk via KEYPR’s digital key. Additionally, owners and managers gain valuable insight through the integrated dashboard (GEMS®) and intuitive tools that provide visibility into guest needs before, during and after their stay &mdash’ all while easily monitoring operational KPIs across multiple properties. For further information, visit

Sky Software Grand Project at Constance Hotels & Resorts – Case Study


Constance Hotels & Resorts is a collection of luxury five-star hotels distributed in the Indian Ocean in Mauritius, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Madagascar and Zanzibar.

The prestigious group was looking for an advanced integrated solution that enables them of having a total control over their all human resources related tasks and procedures, starting from the employee hiring/recruitment, passing by employee profiles, attendance, vacations, training and ending with payroll calculations.

A paperless online workflow working environment was also needed to manage all employee self-service private operations based on online vacation balances that are being updated at all times with retroactive increase calculations that would be handled automatically by a professional Human Resources Management System (HRMS) without the need to use external spreadsheets that would require human intervention and continuous auditing efforts, which should only lead to errors and out-of-date records most of the time in addition to the extra effort and double-work required by the HR staff themselves.

The Solution

Following a series of meetings and demonstrations on Bayan Human Resources Management system with Constance head office to ensure the level of compliance of the system with the current and future demands and requirements of the leading hotel management company, Sky Software was given the green light to implement Bayan HRMS application and databases at the centralized datacenter located in Mauritius for Constance Hotels & Resorts with high-speed VPN connections across remote sites in Maldives and Seychelles, during which a grand development plan was devised to apply the specific legal and labor laws of Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles in addition to the specific Constance hotels processes and procedures in Bayan HRMS.

Successful installations for Bayan HRMS then took a place at Constance Hospitality Management Ltd (Head Office), Maurice Constance Belle Mare Plage, Constance Prince Maurice and Constance C Palmar Resorts in Mauritius and Constance Moofushi and Constance Halaveli Resorts in Maldives and Constance Ephelia and Constance Lemuria Praslin Resorts in Seychelles.

At each hotel, Bayan HRMS has successfully provided a solid base, professional workflow standard and paperless environment for all HR-related tasks and procedures. This included employee profiles and official documents, attendance and vacation records and payroll calculations, while benefiting from the corporate Web accounting system interface, which has been activated for ledger integration including payroll, vacations and ticket accrual figures.


New Overtime setup were developed to meet Constance Overtime rules and policies; this included customizing Over Time rules for working in weekends and public holidays, special rules were also set on department and occupation. As a result, Constance hotels can now calculate employees’ overtime automatically using their own rules.

Bus Fare Refund was another setup that developed to allow the bus allowance calculations for employees with early arrival (earlier than the bus time) and employee late departures (after the bus leaves).

On the other hand, special income tax and social security reports were customized to meet each country’s specific laws and policies.

Back office interface was also implemented to enable the automatic import of payroll, vacation accruals and statistical vouchers, whereas the banks interface was activated to facilitate the banking transactions.


The efficiency, accuracy and advanced features of the new system have made an immediate impact that was observed by the HR departments at all the hotels, were all employee related procedures became much easier to handle.

“Thank you for your professionalism and your passion. You are a great ambassador of your company and it has been a true pleasure working with you and learning how to use this great new tool. I have no doubt that Bayan will create a real difference for us.” 

–Bruno  Le Gac, General Manager at Constance Lemuria

Back to Basics: Using Big Data to Improve Customer Experience

Many organisations are still not using the data they create each day to better understand their customers and improve the experiences that their customers have when interacting with their brand.

Big data now gives us the opportunity to take huge amounts of structured and unstructured data and turn it into valuable insights about customer preferences and behavioral patterns. Big data enables smart decision-making, product development, and more importantly, it promises to improve customer experience. It’s not a case of data analytics to improve the customer experience being a nice-to-have today – it’s an absolute must-have.

And, analytics is even more important for customer experience in the hospitality industry. A service-based sector relies on positive customer feedback, reviews, and recommendations to attract and retain customers – all of which are nurtured through customer experience. Let’s take a look at how big data analytics can improve customer experience in the hospitality industry.

Get a Holistic View of Your Customer

Rather than scanning through each customer preference individually, big data neatly organizes customer data to provide you with a holistic overview of your customer. Does your restaurant entertain more more wine lovers or beer enthusiasts? What time of day do you get the highest influx of guests? Which supplies should you stock up on before Bank Holidays? Do your customers dine alone or with company, and what is their average group size?

In short, who are your actual customers?

Having insight into such valuable data lets you build detailed customer profiles and tap into their wider likes and dislikes. Use this information to develop a customer-centered business model. For example, if you have more wine lovers visiting your restaurant over the Winter months, why not host a wine tasting event? Why not organize a happy hour to promote a new breakfast menu if you are consistently quieter before 11am during the week? Or why not change your restaurant’s floor plan to match seating patterns if you are regularly getting in large groups on specific days?

The opportunities are endless, and be as detailed, specific and focused as your data will allow. Big data crunches the numbers for you but it’s still up to you to decide what to do with the knowledge at hand – it’s about creating insights that actions can be taken from. And, it’s about being able to take that action quickly, so monthly reports show information that is already out of data. Good data analytics need to be accessed in real-time for them to be valuable.

Improve Communication and Use Targeted Marketing

Direct your communication and marketing efforts with a more targeted, data-driven approach through big data insights. With big data, you can see exactly what people are looking at on your website, which campaign triggers the best results, and which social media platforms your customers interact with the most – among other things, of course. Knowing what your customers are interested in will indicate how you should plan and execute your marketing campaigns, and enable you to learn from successes or marketing mistakes to better target customers in the future.

Also, big data shares valuable insights about customer communication trends. You can see which line of communication customers prefer to use and how they react to each. For example, how do people respond to receiving a push notification about your latest blend of coffee in stock? What about when you send them an email with promotional content relating to an upcoming sports event? Or when you ping them a reminder message via a chatbot on social media about happy hour offers?

Having this knowledge will ensure your communication methods correspond with your customers’ expectations, thus providing a better, more engaged customer experience. This will encourage people to engage with your business and gives you the opportunity to interact in real-time with customers as you see trends developing.

Make Decisions Based on Counter-Intuitive Data

Personal intuition can sometimes cloud our judgments when making snap decisions about what our customers want. In fact, though you might think you already provide exceptional customer experience, the actual data may paint another picture and show areas where you need to improve that you may not have previously considered.  Lots of research shows how our personal ‘gut’ feeling can lead us to make assumptions in business that don’t turn out to be accurate.

The great thing about big data is that it can sometimes reveal counter-intuitive (or data-driven) insights that are free of human preconceptions, and give you a completely different perspective on a situation. This enables you to make decisions based on hard facts rather than simply following your gut instincts. Yes, it can be difficult to follow the figures when your intuition is screaming the opposite, but it’s important to consider both sides. It gives proper direction. No sugar-coated guesses – just cold, hard facts. And, if the data shows that your gut feeling was right all along, then it provides a great back-up to your argument when presenting a business case back to your teams.

Nevertheless, we can’t ignore the fact that the human element remains essential in improving customer experience. Therefore, the best recipe for improving customer experience is using big data to identify problem areas and human intervention to provide qualitative perspectives to back up your big data findings. It’s a team effort, really. You can’t have one without the other – so pair up.

Find out more about big data and data analytics here.

About Verteda

Our innovative cloud and on-premises IT solutions enable stadia and arena, entertainment venues, hotels and resorts, hospitality and foodservice to streamline operations and focus on costs: to increase workforce productivity, enhance guest satisfaction and maximise profitability in multiple areas of operations including: event diary management, complete food and beverage operational management, point-of-sale (static, mobile, online), payments (cashless, contactless, online, queue busting), reservations, inventory and procurement, stock control, business intelligence and real-time reporting. Verteda is headquartered in the UK, with operations around the world and is an MPower MSL Company, focused on developing loyal communities for Sports, Leisure & Hospitality businesses. Verteda works with over 2000 clients across 20+ countries, serving over 50% of the English Premier League and supplying to all major UK arenas. With newly opened operations in the Middle East and a number of high-profile clients in the region, Verteda is the sports and hospitality industry’s leading technology partner.

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